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🚀 Get Started

Using 0xPass is extremely easy. You can set up social login in just a few lines of code.

1. Create Project in 0xPass Dashboard

Sign up at the 0xPass dashboard and create a new project.

Create Project

Click on the project that you have just created and retrieve the project API key from below:

Project API Key

2. Install SDK

Install 0xPass using either of the following commands:

npm install 0xpass
yarn add 0xpass

3. Configure SDK

Configure the SDK with your project API key as shown below:

import {
} from '0xpass';
import { FC } from 'react';
import { WagmiConfig } from 'wagmi';
import '0xpass/styles.css';

const client = createClient();
const chains = getDefaultChains();

function App() {
return (
<WagmiConfig client={client}>
<PassProvider apiKey={'<PROJECT-API-KEY>'} chains={chains}>
<ConnectButton />

export default App;

You can also use <ConnectButton> from different components as shown below:

import { ConnectButton } from '0xpass';

export const Component = () => {
return <ConnectButton />;

4. UI Components and Customizations

Since 0xPass is built on RainbowKit, you can leverage components provided by RainbowKit and customize them as you see fit by following the documentation here.

5. Run

Deploy your application in the wild and see your user actions on our dashboard!

To apply 0xPass for your domain, you need to whitelist them on our dashboard as shown below: