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⚡ 0xPass

0xPass SDK provides a secure and customizable onboarding flow for you DApp and simplifies wallet based authentication and authorization.

Built on top of RainbowKit and Wagmi, 0xPass brings the following features in a few lines of code -

  • Wallet Connection (with Rainbowkit)
  • Social Login & MPC Wallet Creation (with Web3Auth)
  • Wallet Authentication via Sign In With Ethereum
  • User Information Capture
  • User Session Management
  • In-App On and Off Ramps (with Transak)


You can tryout our demo from


See Get Started.


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In future releases we will look to bolster our onboarding flow with features like -

  • Gas Sponsorships
  • Password Recovery

For our roadmap, check out our design partnership document here


0xPass is an open-source software licensed under MIT.